What's the minimum age that someone can start training?

The minimum starting age for Titan Martial Arts is generally 5 years old, however some of our martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu the starting age is 12 years old. Some of our classes offer a Little Titans class for some of the younger ones, feel free to contact us to find out more.

I've never trained in martial arts before, will I be okay?

Yes, we offer friendly training environments and cater to everyone, from those who have never trained a day in their lives, to those with several years experience wanting to try something new.

Which martial art is the best for me?

It depends, every martial art is different, it comes down to your personal preference. Our classes are free to try for 1 week, so you're more than welcome to try any martial arts offered to find the one that suits you.

Does Titan Martial Arts accept Active Kids Vouchers?

Yes, we accept active kids vouchers at all of our centres.

How much does Titan Martial Arts Cost?

We offer a week free trial period at all of our centres. Registration is $100 per person registering, this covers your first month of training, and gets you receive a free uniform. Following that fees are $80 per month. We also offer family rates, and discounts for those training multiple styles

How long does my registration last?

Your registration fee is a one off payment. If for any reason you need a break from training, when you return you will continue on the current monthly fee structure, and continue from the same rank.

Is Titan Martial Arts family friendly?

Yes, we offer a family friendly environment, and encourage families to come along and train together.

Does Titan Martial Arts offer training to people with disabilities?

Yes, we believe anyone can achieve greatness in martial arts, and we can cater to any special requirements a student may have, including physical, or mental disabilities. In fact one of our Raymond Terrace Black Belts is bound to a walking frame, but that doesn't stop her from giving 100%.\r\n\r\nPlease note a doctors Certificate may be required prior to training