2020 SNTI Online World Champs Results

Posted by Alex Sorensen 1 year ago

Congratulations to the students who entered the SNTI (IITA) Online World Champs 2020!

The event was amazing with lots of entries from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, South Africa, and USA.  All of Titan Martial Arts members who entered did extremely well - We had 3 competitors enter each placing in their events!

Rebecca Sales - 2 × Gold

  • Unified Abilites: Gold
  • Creative Power Breaking: Gold

William Sellick - 1 × Gold; 1 × Bronze

  • Power Breaking: Gold
  • Creative Power Breaking: Bronze

Jerrome Teasdale - 1 × Gold; 2 × Silver

  • Power Breaking: Silver
  • Creative Power Breaking: Gold
  • Patterns: Silver

You can watch the tournament here https://www.facebook.com/200877696783937/videos/211246797312009