General Choi Memorial Championships

Posted by Alex Sorensen 1 year ago

Congratulations to all who entered The General Choi Memorial Championships! The event was tough with 100s of entries from 27 different Clubs from 16 Countries – But all of Titan Martial arts members who entered have done extremely Well - We had 12 competitors all up, winning 11 Gold Medals, 5 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals in Patterns, Breaking, Self Defense and Model Sparring

  • Cath Page 3x gold and 1x Silver
  • Amy Burke 2x Gold
  • Archer Woller 1x Gold 1x Silver
  • Saxon Sneddon 1x Gold 1x Silver
  • Tiarne Sattler 1x Gold
  • Kalleah Sattler 1x Silver 1x Bronze
  • Travis Charlton 2x Bronze
  • Sam Wilson 1x Gold
  • Simon Aliendi 1x Silver
  • Michael Omay 2x Gold

With Jerrome Teasdale and Shawn Thomas also putting in some great entries but not quite placing in their events.

Head over to the event website to check out all the winners: